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Astrea is a black hole VTuber who streams in English. They stream a variety of content, mostly games and sometimes art. In their downtime, they love to decorate cakes and fawn over cats, even going so far as to include cat references in much of their speech. They want to cultivate a friendly sphere, welcoming to all, and to find some good friends on this little planet called Earth. Are you ready to wish on a star?

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《SMBH A-XT58》「ASTREA」 Supermassive Black Hole classification A-XT58, AKA: Astrea

I'm sure you've heard of wishing upon a star? What about dead stars? No? Then have I got a little story for you~

A small child, sickly and alone. Children love those “wish upon a star” stories, you know? She had nowhere else to turn. Poor thing, though. She cast her wish upon the stars, but it didn't quite reach the light of those able to grant her wish.

You know what they say about black holes, yeah? Nothing escapes. That includes the wishes of small children. It becomes a part of them, even.

“I don’t want to be lonely anymore…” That was her wish. Now… This is my wish. And only I, alone can grant it.

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