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Asteria Spirit

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Asteria is a female PoC vTuber who streams primarily on She is considered to be a cosmic werewolf, having evolved from a simple stardust spirit after tragedy struck her and her maker.

She enjoys playing RPGs, reading visual novels, and doing creative writing on stream. Her stream is considered to be a safe space for LGBTQIA+ persons, PoC, neurodivergent individuals, etc. However, as she is a mature streamer, she does swear like a sailor and there are a few 18+ themes that might crop up.

No, she does not have an Ara Ara redeem.

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Once upon a time, there was a woman. She was well-versed in the occult arts, but the day-to-day life she led left little time for anything other than work. Lonely in the long hours between sunset and sunrise, she made a spell to summon from the stars a companion, someone to enjoy her nights with.

Thus Asteria was born. She was a creature made from stardust, with a sprinkling of creativity and a dash of Otherness. But she took to her role as a companion well; she tidied her Lady's quarters, made food as requested, and even wrote stories and poems to entertain the woman when she finally came home. And so the two were happy for quite some time.

Until another discovered what this witch had summoned from a place beyond this place. They grew hateful and jealous, doing what they could to ruin the woman and tarnish the bond between the stardust spirit and her maker. Sadly, the woman would eventually succumb and there was nothing the spirit could do to make her smile again.

Before her untimely demise, Asteria's maker performed one last spell, calling the essence of Lupus from the southern sky and binding it to Asteria. With such magick wrought, the stardust spirit was forever transformed into that of a werewolf, able to wander the world as she saw fit and find her own fortunes. However, she would still succumb to the pull of the full moon whenever it hung in the sky.

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