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• Aspie is an English (streaming language), Russian and Hebrew speaking VTuber. • Aspie is a 3D artist, VTuber Mama and a variety games streamer who's in love with mocking her viewers and herself. • She has an opinion for every subject and will be Slavically brutally straight with you, not caring about your feelings. Why? Because you need to be stronger than that.

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• She positions herself as a chaotic trad waifu cow. • Aspie's main features are creativity, dumb jokes and easily getting scared. • If you watch her playing something, prepare your ears for the constant screaming and cursing in Russian. • As a VTuber mama she acts like one - she's always ready to start teaching you on how to live your life and what food to eat. • If you would be around her, you'd be stuffed with the delicious items of Slavic and Central Asian cuisine to grow big and strong.

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