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AshBeCutie is a English speaking streamer and YouTube creator. She focuses on gaming and chatting, as well as reactions to various content. Her avatar is a 9 tail Kitsune live 2D, but she also does IRL content and streams from time to time. She has been streaming for under a year, but has been making YouTube videos on various accounts for years.

Warhammer is a staple subject in her content, but she loves all kinds of games! She enjoys co-op games with friends the most, but also plays single player games. Viewers are often invited to play games also, and regularly join in the fun!

She is often described as a tomboy due to her mannerisms and friendly bullying. Often times she goes from quite and relaxed speaking to yelling, jump scaring chat. She's an outgoing creator that is always herself, and encourages her community to grow in a safe space. Her priority is creating a community where others can find new friends, and get the support they need.

Lore Edit

A 9 tailed kitsune banished from the spirit realms for taking the souls of humans. While most kitsune are white, her loss of favor and bad deeds have made her a distinct black. She sees herself as a neutral force, not good or bad. She is as likely to hunt humans as she is to help them. She was able to create a small spiritual dimension, hidden from the world of humans. This is seen as a Sakura forest where only night exists. This magical forest may appear anywhere in the world at any time, and humans are known to stumble into it when they get lost in the woods. You never know who or what you might find in this forest of endless darkness, but the stars above and falling pedals will surly make you feel at ease.

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