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Ascilia Coco

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Ascilia is a femboy kitsune vtuber and variety streamer who debuted on Twitch 6/10/22. He earned Twitch Affiliate on 6/17/22. He started off making funny and relatable TikToks and then later branched out into streaming. They bring a relaxing comfy environment to their community and is lewd every so often. They love spreading laughs and smiles to everyone and has a very positive outlook on things. Their community has allowed them to feel whole.

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A mysterious femboy kitsune that appeared from another world. They have little to no memory of where they came from and vaguely remember little things about themself. They have visions of their scattered past and emit strange auras around their body changing their appearance every so often. They seek to learn more of this new world and adjust to everyday life of the people there. They hope this will uncover more about their past as they wonder what their true purpose in existent is.

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