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Arukana (Aru for short) is a fairy VTuber that typically does let's plays on Twitch. She started by playing Fate/Stay Night and has a preference for Visual Novels, but enjoys and plays many types of games. She is also an aspiring artist, musician, and writer, and insists on creating almost all her assets herself. She is terrible with technology, but she tries her best.

Her personality is more or less in three modes, calm and analytical, bubbly and excitable, or a messy blending of the two. She is also easily embarrassed, and says a LOT of weird things (usually by accident). When playing story games, she tends to make the weirdest, most convoluted theories that somehow still end up coming true.

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A fairy from a different world. She has partial amnesia, and much of her past was lost in an incident she cannot remember. All she knows is that she used to live with 3 other fey in a small shack in the fey wild's towering woods. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Their names and faces were lost to her. She can't even remember which of the four she was.

She misses the other three deeply, and hopes to find them one day. But since any one of them could be her, it's sort of like they're all with her. As she continues to explore this new world, she hopes to recover more and more of her memory.

Her lore is actively evolving, and will get additional entries in the form of a Visual Novel. Also, keep an eye on her model, as it hides many secrets.

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