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Armedius Strega

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Armedius is a gamer, aspiring vtuber, and vtuber enthusiast who does vtubing as a hobby in the hopes of making it a fun job he can truly enjoy! Other reasons for him to become a vtuber are to get over his social anxiety, make lots of genuine vtuber friends, and become a positive influence in the vtuber space.

Likes- Anime, Gaming, Ancient things, Old fashion things, Spooky stuff, Otherworldly stuff, The winter, Lovecraftian lore, SCP lore, Tea, Sweets, and Small cute things.

Dislikes- The summer, Roaches, Green olives, and Aggressive flying insects.

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Armedius is a master sorcerer and the current shopkeeper of the wandering curio shop, The Misty Veil. He has many assistants that help him out in the shop, the most well-known ones being Mimi and Yuyu.

Once in awhile, he would take a stroll outside of the shop, either to collect items for the shop or to see the many worlds and their different eras. One day, during one of his walks outside, he stumbled upon the earthen realm and grew fond of all the things it had to offer, but due to the rules of the shop, he couldn't buy or afford them, so he became a vtuber to earn a bit of cash.

The Misty Veil- This shop is an enigma that has been around for who knows how long and has had many caretakers, with the current one being Armedius.

The shop itself has a mind of its own and a system that even the shopkeeper has no control over. It can appear in a number of locations where there are doors or windows close to the soon-to-be customers of the shop itself. It sells a wide array of anomalous objects that can either protect, curse, or help the owner or those around them in some way, depending on how they use them in exchange—not for paper or gold but for their time or their personal keepsakes.

Mimi- She is a sentient being of primordial mist and is the source of Armedius' power. She has been his companion from the very beginning, even before he became the shopkeeper; she helps him around the shop, such as cleaning it up from time to time, as well as watching the shop while he is away on his walks.

The two are nearly inseparable even from a great distance, and their relationship is like that of family. It is due to this bond that Armedius can use some of Mimi's powers, such as altering concepts and even perceiving time differently from a normal perspective. Mimi is not capable of normal speech; she can only communicate through feeling. One day she wanted to know what it was like to be human, and out of consideration for her, Armedius made a doll for her to possess. She is also known to be quite shy when meeting new people.

Yuyu- She is a sentient fragment of primordial darkness and Mimi's sister. Armedius encountered Yuyu during one of his walks and was originally going to dispose of her due to the threat she posed to the greater order, but due to Mimi's interference, he decided to take her in and give her the name she is now known as.

Yuyu was very withdrawn and aggressive at first but quickly warmed up to Armedius thanks to Mimi's help. After seeing Mimi's doll-like vessel, Yuyu also wanted to have a body of her own, just like her sister, so Armedius made another doll for Yuyu to possess. As a thank-you gift, she used her powers to create ribbons, which Armedius placed on the dolls as cute accessories. Yuyu, much like her sister, is not capable of normal speech but instead lets off gurgling sounds that can be understood strangely enough.

She has sporadic behaviors, and from time to time, she will destroy the relics in the shop or anything that comes close. She even broke the porcelain on her face, which shouldn't be possible due to how Armedius enchanted it. Because of this, she now wears a cloth over her face until he finds a much stronger enchantment method for the doll. Soon after these episodes of hers started to occur, Armedius learned she has a love for chocolates, and thus he gave her chocolates to keep her calm.

Armedius believes the reason why Yuyu acts this way has something to do with her main body and the situation it is in, since they're still linked. He hopes to find the main body and return her to it before she destroys everything in the shop or eats someone's face off.

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