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Arly Darkfire, the black opal dragon, is an English speaking VTuber who plays games, sings songs and does all her own art and rigging. She streams a variety of content with a focus on weird, obscure, or funny games. Arly brings a silly, lively, and chaotic energy to her streams while striving to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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Arly Darkfire, the fearsome boss monster and devious dragon, finds herself on hard times after signing on to be a enemy in the upcoming AAA game [REDACTED]. Unfortunately, due to a last minute change in game direction, Arly was let go well into the project (long after she had signed an NDA and extensive Non-compete agreement). Not only can Arly not talk about her previous work experience but she now finds herself blacklisted in her field.

Now Arly sets out on a new adventure in hopes to get a big enough fanbase to be able to afford the good instant noodles again.

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