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Aria Cannon

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Aria is a female vtuber who makes content in English. She mainly plays rhythm games on her streams but will often play various other games or do karaoke streams. She may seem cute and innocent now but don't underestimate her power...

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Aria was once a normal human, but she was kidnapped by a scientist working for a corporation called Waypoint. She was turned into a catgirl supersoldier with incredible hearing, sight, balance, and a little something else. They also altered her brain to make her more prone to rage and violent outbursts. She "dealt with" the scientist and now lives in hiding from Waypoint employees and a former friend.

She had much of her memory wiped by the scientist, so she doesn't remember her family, friends, or even her name. She goes by the name she chose for herself.

She may be hiding some secrets about her time with Waypoint.

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