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Arekku Ryujin

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Arekku is a Vstreamer primarily streams in English or Spanish on Twitch. They do a variety of different games for his stream and tries to complete them fully on stream. They have stated their future goals is to do a more variety of streams from Gunpla builds, Karaoke, and other learning streams.

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A being who fell upon the land eons ago after a great battle. He is been known by many names by different cultures, but currently is preferring to go by the name of Arekku. His love for martial arts and battle has earn him many different monikers with his grandest title being the Demon Above the Heavens and Ryujin.

Coming from the sea of stars originally, he started his journey in this planet as an outsider. Through history he's met many kind of beings from Heroes to Gods and many more, some see them as a friend, enemy, hero, and others even a villain. But as far as Arekku is concern his path is his own and he will walk it in any way he wishes.

His journey into games started from being defeated on a cabinet arcade many years ago. Enjoying the challenge of defeat by someone who normally shouldn't be able to defeat him in any form he started his journey into video games. He decided to share his experiences and journey through the world of streaming.

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