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Arashie is a female career-woman octopus V-Tuber and V-Artist, who primarily streams rhythm games, her artistic process, and recently has started chat-only streams as well. She typically streams in the evenings, as that is when she gets off from her office job, and isn’t afraid to let her frustrations with work or life otherwise known to her audience. She is prone to being anxious and can be easily flustered when asked to say/explain certain things on stream or receives donations among other things.

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Arashie is the descendant of the famed octopus yokai of the Hokkaido port, but rejects her fathers desire to wreck havoc or otherwise cause chaos in the sea. She prefers a quiet, mundane life, hence her choice to become an office worker. She rarely likes to venture above the sea much, due to her appearance and a dislike for the heat. She is easily stressed out and has a strong angry streak, like her father, that she does her best to contain, least she become like the very thing she strives so hard to avoid; a sea monster.

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