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Aqwamog is an English-speaking Blue Dragon VTuber and Streamer. She mainly does variety streams on Twitch and is currently independent. Her followers, subscribers, and discord members are called Hoard members (or The Hoard collectively). She loves juice pouches.

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One fateful day, a party of adventurers were hired to confront the Blue Dragon on the mountain. The beast had refused to pay taxes, and should cough up the treasure trove of gold or be slain. With quest anew, the party scaled the steep mountain and prepared themselves for confrontation.

But the dragon knew they were coming...

The hum of the artificer's electric invention, the fizzle in the Weave, and the thrumming heart of each adventurer meant she could not be surprised. She could hear them coming from nearly a mile away, thanks to a Blue Dragon's natural attunement to electricity.

As the encounter began, it was clear Aqwamog of the Mountain had no intention of surrendering her hoard of riches. She had terrorized and plundered many a village for these prizes, and thus would rather die than surrender her Hoard. The party had no choice but to fight. The battle was well-fought on both sides, until the wizard critical failed a fireball. Aqwamog retorted with Vicious Mockery, "Try burning your books next time. More fire that way!" In a fit of both embarrassment and rage, the wizard summoned a surge of magical energy and tore a hole in the Weave. A black hole of magic sucked in the great dragon, and sent her across space and time. When she awoke, she was no longer a great dragon, but rather a human girl.

Stripped of her gold and her draconic dignity, Aqwamog found herself in a new world. A digital world- one with immodesty, narcissism, and greed rolled into one: Twitch.

Gold was less valuable here. Twitch bits and subs, however...

And so the great dragon began rebuilding her Hoard, no longer with medieval gold and riches, but Followers, Subscribers, and perhaps most importantly of all, Fan-art.

[2.0 Update]

After amassing some followers, Aqwamog found some of her power returned. Her draconic features became more prevalent; her electric powers became capable of summoning a thunderstorm with her mere presence, and perhaps most bafflingly, she became High Definition?

Alongside this recovery came the ability to summon outfits through the Weave. Rumors of a beach episode float through time and space...

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