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Aqwamog is an English-speaking Blue Dragon VTuber and Streamer. She mainly does variety streams on Twitch and is currently independent. Her followers, subscribers, and discord members are called Hoard members (or The Hoard collectively). She loves juice pouches.

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Once a small spark-spitting thing, Aqwamog is now a full-fledged adult Blue Dragon with their own territory. Their lair sat atop a mossy cave, inside a barren mountain surrounded by forest. Most creatures find the summit nearly-impossible to scale on account of the sharp rocks and steep incline which make climbing downright hazardous, which is why no one from the kingdom at the base of the mountain dared disturb the great dragon.

Aqwamog lived in relative peace with the kingdom below, as the land and the people were considered part of Aqwamog’s territory and hoard. There was an unspoken agreement that the Aqwamog would provide protection from other dragons in exchange for the occasional “abandoned” pile of gold or herd of livestock.

However as the crown changed hands, a certain king became displeased with this arrangement. Seeking to avoid destruction, the king’s council advised a more diplomatic resolution- taxation. A hotheaded wizard under the king’s employ was sent via portal to the dragon’s lair in order to persuade the dragon to stop taking tribute and start paying taxes. Aqwamog thought this demand was more comical than threatening, and let the lad live with only minor insults and a light sprinkling of static.

The young wizard did not appreciate the mercy afforded to him, but did Aqwamog appreciate the power even a young wizard can yield. The ego-bruised wizard summoned his full strength and opened a portal to “the realm of indecency.” Aqwamog was banished from the world they knew and the body they were born in.

In an attempt to recover their hoard, Aqwamog started streaming; no longer hoarding gold and gems, but hoarding followers and fanart.

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