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Antonius Drosera

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Name: Captain Antonius Drosera Type: Space mafioso Pronouns: He/they Birthday: 4/1 Height: 5’10” (177 cm) Anniversary 9/16 Affiliversary: 12/24 Languages: English, some Spanish Greeting: Cia-hoo! Adjectives: Eccentric, nuanced, organized, extroverted, flirty, & sassy Likes: Sweets, makeup, fashion, shiny things Dislikes: Grapefruit, maggots, horror

Fun Facts: -Psychology graduate -Usually accompanied by his little buddy and otter engineer, Garbanzo -Has a southern cousin named King Frog

Biography: Drosera, as most of his underlings refer to him, is a fairly mild-mannered individual. However, his vanity and flirtatiousness are defining characteristics for him, as he engages in both frequently when warranted. Despite what his pretty face might lead on, he is actually quite fierce in battle and can catch many opponents off-guard. This alluring method is most likely where the Drosera surname gives its credibility.

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As a child, Antonius Drosera looked up to his grandmother, Vittoria, who was an astronaut. As a teenager, he joined the mafia to make money for expensive parts. Finally, at age 18, he built a spaceship, the KISMET (Kinetic Intergalactic Space Mobile for Extraterrestrial Traverse), and a year later went on his first space exploration. However, the spaceship malfunctioned, and Drosera crashed-landed on an alien planet, held hostage by its people. To be released, he had to exchange his eyes with cybernetic ones. The next few years, he fell into a deep depression, until he met an otter in a small village in China. He would be known as 'Garbanzo,' and became Drosera's engineer due to his exceptional abilities. Together, they would create the KISMET II, and with a few other members, they formed their own organized crime syndicate, called PRISMA.

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