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Annisa Anaes

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An ambitious swan-girl that oftenly sleep during stream when she got bored. Has strict and high standard for her content, she always did her observation for every new possible content she about to make. Think that shes purely noob vtuber, she keep adding new insight and common knowledges for herself and her fans from other vtubers by doing collaboration stream.

Make use her "natural" ability of being idol, she also perform karaoke stream, especially on vertical stream.

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Once upon a time there lived a human who was once a newborn cygnet and got lost. Then she was found by a grandmother to be treated at her home. After growing up, they both celebrated the Swan's birthday, the grandmother gave her a gift in the form of a spell that made the Swan a human. The grandmother knew that Swan had a melodious voice, so she wanted Swan to be able to explore the world and make everyone happy with her singing. The grandmother also gave Swan a name, Annisa Anaes. The meaning is "The Girl Bringing Happiness". Then the grandmother gave her a laptop and cellphone as a supporting device for Annisa Anaes to start her career as an idol and appear on YouTube and other social media platforms so that her singing can be heard and known by people all over the world.

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