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Ancora Jay

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Ancora is an independent vstreamer specializing in art streams and variety gaming. He often plays Risk of Rain 2 or draws on stream with a mix of commissioned work and personal fantasy and sci-fi works.

Ancora is open about his neurodivergence, queer labels, and physical disabilities in order to promote self-love and pride in one's identity.

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Ancora is a reconstructed human who lost his life and was revived and reconstructed using threads of fate. These threads control a creature's very being, from their health to the events they'll experience in their life. With his own threads used in stitches that could never be removed, Ancora is functionally immortal. He cannot die of old age, but the threads in his body can never be removed without reopening fatal wounds and killing him.

The source of the threads of fate is a strange, empty place called the Continuity. Ancora can access this place at will and has used it to create a small hollow world that he can create in freely and that he uses as a base of operations. He's learned to use threads of fate and special items he calls Gateway items to travel between dimensions and universes.

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