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Ancora Jay

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Ancora is an independent vstreamer specializing in art streams and variety gaming.

Ancora is open about his neurodivergence, queer labels, and physical disabilities in order to promote self-love and pride in one's identity.

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Ancora was a typical human who passed away in an accident, and found himself revived in a strange place called the continuity. An angel going by Gabriel taught Ancora how to survive in the continuity, using threads of fate to control the world around him.

Sometime after coming to the continuity, Ancora found a library he had never seen before. Inside the endless library, books writing themselves full of the stories of living people. Inside one of the books, he found the story of Gabriel. He learned why he had been brought back from the dead; to act as a host for a dying god Gabriel served.

When Gabriel found Ancora reading through the library, the ensuing argument led into an intense fight resulting in Ancora ripping away a small halo from Gabriel’s head, revealing a monstrous form hidden by holy magic. After stabbing Gabriel with a shard of his own halo, Ancora was able to seal him inside the continuity.

Some time later, Ancora learned what Gabriel really was; an amalgamation forcibly fusing three brothers together. Gabriel was only the youngest brother, with Raphael and Michael unwillingly bound to him. Now, on top of searching for ways to help those across the multiverse, he’s looking for a way to free Raphael and Michael from Gabriel’s grasp.

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