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Your local vampire necromancer. Lover of Tabletop RPGs and JRPGs.

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Before Ana became a vampire, she was just a normal human child who was traveling with her parents. One day, the bandits ambushed them and killed Ana's parents. They've kidnapped her and planned on selling her. Before they could do that, the Cult of Necromancers found them first. So after a few weeks, the cult ambushed them and saved Ana. One member of the Cult, banshee Svetlana, decided to adopt Ana. She raised her to be a talented necromancer. One day the cult leader decided that she can finally become the true member of the cult. But she had to go through the joining ritual. He gave her a goblet that had an ominous aura all around it. She drank thick red liquid from it and fell unconscious. After waking up, she found out that The Joining ritual turned her into a pure blooded vampire. One day, cult member Gareth decided to assassinate the cult leader, as so much praise was given to Ana and not to him. Cult leader stated that Ana is chosen by their goddess, Asha (primordial dragon). Elder was killed and the cult disbanded. While fighting Gareth, Svetlana made sure that Ana escaped so she could survive. Svetlana's fate is unknown. Right now Ana is traveling with her cat companion Asmodeus to protect the world and innocents by using necromancy, as it is the will of Asha and of the cult that she was a part of. She wants to take revenge on Gareth too. Who knows if Svetlana survived.

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