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Amehime Fenpanda

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Amehime Fenpanda is a EN/JP Vtuber who still hasn’t debuted yet. She is very new and is only on Twitter for now. She has red panda ears and tail. She is cheeky and entertaining, and uses AI for her Vtube persona sometimes.

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Amehime Fenpanda was an orphaned young girl who lived in a small mountain village in Japan. She had always been fascinated by animals and dreamed of one day living in the wild with them.

One day, Amehime's dream came true when she stumbled upon a red panda family in the forest near her village. She watched them with awe, and before long, the pandas had grown used to her presence and started to accept her into their family.

Amehime spent more and more time with the red pandas, learning their ways and even finding food for them when winter came. As time passed, she became so connected to red pandas that she began to grow red panda ears and a tail of her own!

The villagers were astonished when they saw Amehime's transformation but accepted it as part of her charm. She continued to live in the forest with the red pandas.

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