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Alby Rocnus

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Alby Rocnus is a spanish content creator who also does gaming and tabletop rpg related streamings. She is a fairy that primarily talks about literature and writting. She oftens makes content about narrative in videogames, anime, light novels and manga. She is both polite and open-minded, she avoids using curse words and swearing in general. She considers her community as a free and safespace to express the passion about books, movies, games and stories in general. She is openly genderfluid but prefers she/her to avoid any confusion.

She does have wings but she prefers to hide them most of the time because they trouble her hair and don't match her colors. She has a gacha and MMO addiction, being Fate/Grand Order and Black Desert Online the main games she plays.

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Born from a Fairy Knight, Alby Rocnus carries her family name with great pride. Being a fairy, a creature born from human believe, she was forgotten by the world for a long time until recently when she reemerged after a certain librarian discovered a book that talked about her in an old chest in the attic.

She took upon herself the duty to make sure the world never forgets her again. Taking the title of Fairy Storyteller, she took her book and started collection stories she would often tell to the people who are willing to listen. She created an extensive library in the hidden and mystical island of San Borondón, a Myth from Canary islands, the land where she reappeared.

Alby offers home both to humans and fairies alike. Crowning herself queen due to being the less chaotic of her kind and the best fit to take the mantle of command. She often offers blessings amongs her human followers turning them into her personal Knight Order. She cares really deeply about her subjects and her happy and carefree attitude often makes her being considered a Spring Fairy, although she doesn't really know what exactly is she. Alby often says she carries 5% of dragon blood on her veins, whatever that means, but she tends to like gold and treasures.

She tries to write tales about her mother, believing that one day she will write her Magnum Opus and bring her mother to her. Until then, she tries to read as many stories as possible to hone her writting skills. She also says her hair should be purple, but is pink due to her draconic heritage, which also carries an affinity with fire.

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