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Aigami Fukurou

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Lucifern is an Indonesian VTuber that does variety content.

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Left to die by the Gods who gave birth to him, Aigami fell onto the human realm wounded. One of his wings are damaged beyond healing, and his senses are overwhelmed due to his all-seeing eyes feeding him endless information of the world around him. Luckily, he was found by a Woman who tended to his wounds and eventually, adopted him as her own son. Completely unaware that he is a Yōkai from a different realm.

Hearing the news of his survival, however. The same gods that left him to die sent another Yōkai to finish the job, finding his trail leading towards a small Café with the name, “Café Yukkuri”. Inside, the sent Yōkai acted as a normal customer, ordering the signature food and drink made specially by the Butler and Maids of the Café before continuing the search for his target. For a relatively secluded Café, the ambience are cozy and inviting, with many customers inside simply enjoying the meals or working away at their respective devices with the company of their assigned Maid and/or Butler.

Almost immediately after, all attention in the room were quickly diverted towards someone, walking through the door that separated the main area of the Café and the Kitchen. There he stood, Aigami, dressed in a suit and presenting the mannerisms of a proper Butler. His posture is straight, his arms carrying a tray of food and drinks ordered by customers, and his eyes, hidden by a dark blindfold that somehow compliments his overall look.

Approaching the Yōkai that is sent to kill him, Aigami smiled softly, somehow finding his way to the table even with the blindfold over his eyes. No movement are wasted, each step he took, even the way he presented the food and drink to the customer in front of him, it was made sure to be as elegant as humanly possible. Even the sent Yōkai couldn’t take his eyes away from the Butler, the way Aigami act at the moment are completely different from what he had first expected.

“I hope you enjoy the food I made for you, Master.” He spoke with a bow to the customer in front of him, “Please do let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”

With a smirk, the sent Yōkai requested a private conversation with the Butler, which Aigami accepted with another bow before walking outside together with him. Although, before he could do or say anything, the Yōkai was immediately silenced by something stabbed through his neck.

“Truly, you’re not the brightest are you?” Asked the Butler, earning nothing but gurgles from the Yōkai that is currently struggling to remove the blade from his neck. “I don’t exactly blame you, you probably believed everything they said as I do once upon a time...” Now bleeding on the ground, the Yōkai looked to see Aigami looking down at him. “…Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. It’s way too easy...” Aigami said, removing the blindfold that has been hiding his seemingly glowing blue eyes this whole time. “…Instead I want you to send a message for your so-called gods.” Finally, Aigami revealed his wing to the Yōkai below him.

Long ago, his wings are white and emits a heavenly aura. Now, it is the exact opposite of it once was. After losing one of his wings from the battle, his last remaining Wing has lost its Heavenly Aura, instead emitting a feel of dread. Not to mention that it has also lost its white color, now replaced by deep black feathers devoid of any color.

“Tell them I’m coming to finish what I’ve started, I’m going to end their rule and make them pay for what they did to me… I’ve killed one god before and wounded another at my weakest, you’ll soon find out what I can do at my strongest.” With that, a portal opened in front of the two, allowing Aigami to kick the now wounded Yōkai back where he came from.

With a sigh, he then straightened his posture, regaining his previous mannerisms once again as he walked back inside the café. Of course, remembering to put his blindfold once again so that his mind wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the world around him. Upon being asked what happened to his Customer, the boy simply said that he had to leave early, and that the man has a happy news to send to his superiors. His smile and politeness easily tricking his clueless colleagues.

And thus, “the One-Winged Devil” or “the One-Winged Butler” as he prefer to be called, was born. Although, it doesn’t really matter what he is, all you need to know is that…

…He’s simply one hell of a Butler.

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