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Ahero Dogs is an artist and variety streamer with a focus on building community and producing humorous or educational content. They are also a live2D rigger who enjoys discussing the process of streaming itself and experimenting with the medium.

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HR0409, nicknamed Ahero Dogs, is a unique specimen of "cryptid," a creature not yet officially known to science. Originally, “Ahero” was found in a wooded area of Oklahoma inside of a box marked “free dog.” Shortly after they were discovered they were brought under government supervision, and not long into their childhood they were integrated in a program reserved for benign cryptids of human or greater intelligence. This allowed them to attend school and later college, masquerading as a human thanks to the abilities of a number of illusory cryptids already kept in government care. They experienced a fairly typical adolescence by human standards, while remaining under the watch of both the institutions that would keep them secret as well as their two fathers. Now well into their adulthood, a new program has opened up. Thanks to the prevalence of vtubers, unusual enrichment opportunities have arisen, allowing cryptids to appear as themselves under the guise of being digital avatars. Heading this program, Ahero is one of several tests to gauge public reaction to the strange and unknown, though, ultimately, it appears that the experiment has been little more than an excuse to play video games and make increasingly bawdy jokes. Ahero sometimes appears alongside other cryptids enrolled in the digital enrichment and outreach program, most notably BA0666 (BaoBao), an ozark howler who mimics human speech, as well as a jersey devil, flatwoods monster, mothman and several wolpertingers.

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