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Aggie Waggie



Aggie is a child at heart with a cheerful and hyper personality. She is usually found playing lighthearted games, drawing, and posting music covers on youtube. She makes friendly relationships with all of her viewers who join her discord, also claiming that her "follow" button works as a signature to her marriage proposal. Often referred to as chaotic, she makes her viewers laugh at her odd sense of humor and strange habits. Contrary to popular belief, she isn't roleplaying her personality. Her sense of humor, voice, and personality is natural, and genuine, which is one of the reasons her fans feel so connected to her. Her humor is family-friendly for the most part. Being as she is a young adult irl, she sometimes (but rarely) makes innuendo-type jokes, but none of which a child would catch.

Lore Edit

Aggie used to be a bunny, born into captivity in an immoral scientist's testing lab. Once she was old enough to be tested, she wiggled her way out of the scientist's hands and knocked over enough chemicals to cause an explosion. It was a big enough explosion to knock open her friends and family's cages and they all escaped the factory together. Malnourished and dehydrated, Aggie drank a bit of what she believed to be spilled water, but it was, in fact, another chemical, causing her to fall unconscious. She was then rescued and brought home by a kind firefighter. While on the phone with the vet, he turned around to see Aggie woke up as (mostly) human child, still rocking her bunny ears and fluffy tail. Life continued living in the firefighter's house, the man now becoming her father figure. She wasn't allowed to leave knowing that if she was seen, she would be taken by the government for further studies on her strange mutation. She was bitter about not being able to go out and make friends, but she distracted herself. She spent her time alone learning how to do human things by mimicking actors she saw on tv. She attempted many things, succeeding at some and failing at others. It was very fun for her but at the end of the day, all she really wanted was to play with the kids she saw outside. One day she watched her father use the computer, watching and learning how to use it. While browsing, they came across a streamer. She was suddenly made the discovery that she could make friends through streaming! She would then proceed to learn everything she could about using the computer so she could show off all the things she had learned how to do and finally make friends without the risk of being taken away!!! Starting her first stream with "Hi friends!" her dream was finally a reality! And that brings us to where are today, she is finally living her happy ending and her fans are all now a part of it!

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