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Aerin K.



Aerin K. is a variety VStreamer and VTuber who is primarily active on Twitch. She often does gaming steams, with an emphasis on story mode games, but also does chatting, model building, and dabbles in other content. Main games steamed are Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and Pokémon. Aerin streams in English, but also speaks Spanish often during streams, with a bit of Korean or Japanese on occasion. She often voice acts the games she is playing, and tends to create parodies on the spot. Content is deemed not safe for minors.

Lore Edit

A hybrid who was abducted at a young age and trained to be an assassin. Was genetically tested upon and survived, but is now a shapeshifter due the unstable genetic makeup caused by the extensive experimentation. Health has suffered considerably, but also gained the abilities of several species, which make Aerin quick on her feet and perfect for unpredictable situations. Rescued and recruited by ?RBIT (Organization for Research and Betterment of Independent Tradesmen) to work under the name of Agent 13 for undercover detail and other necessary missions. Currently takes on a canine appearance, but watch out for when DarkRin takes over...

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