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Nyanko (Mayor) is a nonbinary shapeshifting streamer that dabbles in a variety of content. Mostly drawing-- Sometimes games of different genres.

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Nyanko has no idea where he came from. They've been running from town to town for most of their life, trying to find their place...shifting and twisting into new faces-- until one day they stumbled upon a field of flowers. Tired of running, lonely, and sad. They used (literally) their blood, sweat, and tears to create a new town. Cat Town. A town full of very 'normal' "cats", made solely to comfort the very lonely Mayor. Until one day, they began to receive visitors from OUTSIDE, some of which, visit regularly. Now, Nyanko streams from an old laptop they found to try and get the message out about their town, in hopes of having even MORE visitors and friends!

warning: looking too deep into your lovely Mayor, will unlock many hidden quirks.

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