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A Logic Named Jesse

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Jesse is a part-time PNGtuber that strives to be a full fledged Vtuber someday. With limited resources, she can only use her PNG model for edited videos and streaming mobile games. Her character is a virtual demon that is living inside the internet. Her content is in English. Her content consists mostly of gaming related livestreaming such as singleplayer playthrus, multiplayer with viewers and more. She also does TCG openings like Pokemon, MTG and more as well as mailtime openings where she opens mail from various giveaway wins or viewers gifts. You can watch her streams live on Twitch, all VODs kept in the Highlights section, the first VODs of her playthrus on YouTube and her short-form content on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more.

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Jesse is a demon who was fired from the Layers Of Hell branch for reasons unknown. During transfer to another branch, her celestial energy was somehow transmitted into the Mortal World's internet. As the internet evolved, Jesse became more involved & interested in various things & enjoys her time. Now she considers herself a virtual demon, she streams gameplay, watches movies, shows & anime, loves meeting & talking to new people, creatures & more while hoping to become a real Vtuber someday.

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