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ikigai is a male Vtuber who streams on Twitch currently (soon will move to Youtube) and also known to be a content creator on TikTok and Instagram. The times he streams is mostly random but if its planned he will most likely announce his upcoming stream on TikTok and Instagram. He says he is open to collab videos on TikTok and Insta for skits and possibly streams.

Iki, for short, is known to be a energetic and careless person at times but also calm and chill. They're very open to just about any question you throw at them and answers truthfully since he has a big disliking to lying. He is always open to trying new things out since he finds new experiences fun. Iki absolutely loves horror and rhythm games but does play other kinds.

Ikigai does have a reason why he does do content creating and streaming, the main reason being because if makes others happy and enjoy his content. Another reason being that he finds doing all this stuff very fun, meeting new people, collabs, recording, editing, etc. He believes that the things you love to do is something you should always pursue regardless on other peoples opinions since everything he does is also "just for fun," for his own enjoyment and those who support him.

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Ikigai, full name Ikigai Musha, is a 200 year old Kitsune that has 3 tails (she mainly only uses one since her tails amplify her abilities). She is the daughter of Haya Musha, a very fast Kitsune with strong telekinesis that is a descendant of Inari. Iki was made out of her mothers loneliness and was sent to enjoy life on Earth. Iki is currently a young teen even though she is 200 years old and very strong physically since the older a Kitsune gets the stronger they become.

She runs into a girl, a neko mage who helps Iki throughout her journey and makes some weapons for Iki. Iki accompanies her for a while but the girl said to Iki that she has to leave for a while and they wont see each other again until a few years later.

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