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Red is an independent female disabled ENvTuber who loves to play all sorts of games with a cosy and chill vibe. She has a model currently in the works! The artist is Kavalliere and the rigger will be Niyumii. Red goes from solo gameplay to duo, to group collabs and always looking to meet more in the vTuber community At times can be chaotic she tends to have a very open and energetic personality and goes out her way to have her streams be lurker and raid friendly.

Lore Edit

Born in her realm's most highly regarded house. This house ran a sect that follows, protects and honours the goddess. Their duty is to protect the realms, even from themselves. Sickly from birth, she had a weakened immune system, to this day can be a troublesome thing. Pain and other things that she's had to learn to manage as she grew older.

But even so, at a young age, she was taught magic, the ability to protect herself and others alongside her sibling. He specialised in duel-wielding a unique set of draconic scimitars while Red was drawn to wielding a guandao. Her sibling become a specialist in the arts of battle and bloodshed, his talents made him known as the “God of Death”, and to many and was greatly feared. Little did they know how childish and simple he really was.

She ended up being drawn to medicine, using her unique magic type to evolve a strong healing magic that could be used even in an offensive way. Red's sibling helped her improve her fighting style with it. But also somehow helping lead and deal with many shortcomings their realm and house had to face.

Due to this, she was deemed to take over her father's position as the next sect leader while her sibling would take over as their family's head of house. The two siblings chose to face the future side by side, and even now would not hesitate for the other. They never knew our mother was for a great many years, but when a powerful enemy threatened not only the realms but the goddess herself…they learned their father had a powerful taste in lovers. Both siblings, twins, were the children of the goddess.

Their specialities came to be supported by their bloodline. As they learned this from the enemy themselves. They didn’t have time to process this before the war became far more deadly. Their father lost his life, protecting everyone, saving life itself without hesitation. He sealed the enemy into a prison, so it may never come out of...or so they hope.

With his loss, the training for the next sect leader only started to accelerate. Red had to learn the etiquette and culture of all the realms and the new ones that would come into existence. The elders wanted her to learn from books and hearsay. They being stuck in their old and outdated ways. So she chose to use a great relic that only her house holds.

One that can take them to a safe place found in the heavens. Within the clouds lay a home, deep within it was a door that could take one to any realm. What better way to learn about a realm's ways, than to experience it first-hand?

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