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Kiba is a variety artist who streams on Twitch and takes commissions in corporate, comic and streamer-related communities. She is involved in a long-term webcomic collaboration with the writer "Skyhuntress". She occasionally streams her progress in Final Fantasy XIV as a new player.

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Kiba is an Interdimensional White-Tipped Jackal Dragon (Canisaerosouchus aspropolyspatia) who roams the inter-reality Inbetween in an attempt to record the various timelines of countless worlds to recount as 'fictions' in her host reality. Among the various classes of 'Creator' who take on this monumental task, she is a support type best suited to assisting other Creators in recording the realities they observe. Though she sometimes stumbles across worldlines brimming with exploration potential, she fears attempting to record these worlds on her own will do them a disservice. However, this doesn't dissuade her from recording everything she can manage.

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