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Describe 0xQuan? Well, there's not enough words in the dictionary my friends! 0xQuan AKA King Quan is the best, most magnanimous Vtuber to ever grace your screens! But don't let the pompous act fool you. 0xQuan is a beacon of friendship and community. His streams are centered arounf digital identity, playing new games, having fun and making friends along the way. YOU ARE NOW IN MY ROYAL PRESENSE, LET US ADVENTURE!

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0xQuan is a VIPE Hero #534. His origins take place a long time ago in a parrallel universe not much different from our own. In a world where creativity and inspiration are shunned, 0xQuan was the first among many to break away from the status quo and become a ViPE Hero. Follow along as he discovers the truth about his origins and searches for more Heroes.

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