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Mewlettia Demilune is a female VTuber with a bubbly, gremlin-like personality. She makes English content, gaming, chatting, art and singing streams being primary examples of where her goals lie. She is open to cussing but dislikes sexual content. The thing she enjoys most is winning and chaos, or winning IN chaos. If given the option in any situation at any time, she will choose harem.

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Mewlettia Demilune is a demon bunny vampire hybrid. Coming from another dimension of rare bunny vampires ("Blood Bunnies"), she seeks to learn and make her mark on the internet as a VTuber! Perhaps she has another reason for staying in the human realm...?

Being of noble birth, she may come off as a bit spoiled or smug at times. Despite this, she is quick to apologize. She loves to play pranks on people and will run away in fear if caught doing something wrong, constantly spouting denials. She is also insufferably clueless, not understanding any references, but she is sort of funny.

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