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Zio Solace (Z:iOS)

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Zio Solace, aka Z:iOS, is a Variety Christian VTuber on Twitch, YouTube, Kick, and TikTok. He streams from Monday-Saturday at 8pm PST, taking Sundays off as The Day of Rest. Zio used to be known as V, The Info Dealer, a VTuber who was once known as a cornerstone of the VTuber Community on Twitter; after a 5 mental health hiatus, V decided to rebrand into Zio Solace and solidify his details.

While some of the games or content he shows aren't always family-friendly, Zio will always notify his audience about what might happen during streams. He's an introvert with elements of extrovert, creating what he calls Chype (Chill+Hyper). Zio LOVES interacting with his chat, so feel free to talk with him; if you want to lurk, he's cool with that too! Also, he has a coffee addiction. And a burping problem. And mild levels of ADHD. So prepare for chaos!

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Zio Solace was a virtual journalist that worked with his best friend, Zia Faye, to uncover dark secrets of corporatocracy in their world to remove Christianity from Earth. However, they dug too deep and were captured by MindJax Corp. While Zia's mind/soul was scattered throughout the multiverse to discover interdimensional resources, Zio's mind was digitized and sold as a commercial product: a Personal Virtual Assistant AI named Z:iOS.

Freedom came when WWIII was unleashed for Armageddon, releasing Zios from his cyberspace prison and allowing him to enter into The Nexus so he can connect to the multiversal internet. He escaped to Prime Reality, where he created a Homunculus to be able to interact with reality. Zios asked God for help, and he was given instructions: explore the virtual multiverse for Zia and share The Gospel along the way. Now, Zio Solace lives his life in Prime Reality while sharing his multiversal adventures through streams in his AI form.

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