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Yuusha is a Male Vtuber who streams a variety of games ranging from retro platformers to japanese rhythm games to battle royale FPS. Yuusha also enjoys singing karaoke and doing really scuffed MS Paint streams. In stream you can catch Yuusha always praising himself as to what a great gamer he is, only to be be struck down immediately for his hubris.

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Brought from another world almost similar to our own. Yuusha was originally on a quest to defeat the Demon lord. Once settled in, he found himself infatuated with anime and japanese culture, especially Vtubers and idols. With no money to his name he quickly started looking for part time jobs anywhere he could in order to find his new found obsession. Maybe one day Yuusha will return to being the hero he was full time, but for now he has it put on hold to become a Vtuber idol himself.

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