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YokaSiri is an incredibly talented impressionist who specializes in mimicking Siri's voice. She makes English content. In addition to her voice acting skills, she is also an avid gamer who enjoys playing Valorant and occasionally ventures into other games. What sets YokaSiri apart is her friendly and engaging personality - she goes out of her way to interact with her chat and make sure everyone feels included. Her occasional moments of cluelessness only add to her charm, and her infectious laugh is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. You'll often see YokaSiri teaming up with her duo partner PINEFM for some cute and funny gameplay. As well as if you can't get enough of YokaSiri's content on Twitch, be sure to check out her creative output on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram as well!

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YokaSiri's talent for voice acting and gaming was evident from a young age. Growing up, she often entertained her friends and family with her spot-on impressions of various animals and attempted some characters. But it wasn't until she discovered Siri, the iconic virtual assistant, that she found her true calling. YokaSiri spent some time studying and perfecting Siri's voice and mannerisms, until she became the go-to person for anyone who needed a Siri impression.

Over the years Siri figured out she was able to make people smile and laugh with her adorable comebacks and jokes. After some time of doing this without recording she decided to upload her talents and jokes to Tiktok where she gained a following. Later on, she branched out to Twitch, youtube and instagram where she continues to make millions laugh daily.

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