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Yang Koete

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Yang is a shapeshifting Kitsune with plenty of other forms and outfits that will change based on stream topic and overall mood. All variety of streams will come about, with plenty of new games being used in each of them, or the multitude of art and game dev streams to try and show off her crafts. Expect to have plenty of knowledge brought forwards about the game itself, or whatever was learned previously; Sensei is always learning!

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A kitsune got bored once around the annual school festival, and saw the appeal of wonderful snacks and other goodies - snagging as many as possible and fled to the gymnasium, devouring their plunder. Given the school was originally all-human, it caused quite a scare, causing most to evacuate the area before it was made into a den of magical creatures, both students and staff! Now teaching gym, health and home ec, she'll bring a new era of knowledge to the world to her beloved students!

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