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Twilight Miasma

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Twilight Miasma is a male English VStreamer who streams various genres, but mostly focuses on Final Fantasy XIV, Monster Hunter series, and JRPGs such as Genshin Impact. He has had minimum streaming experience in the past on the now defunct platform Mixer but has recently come back to streaming after falling down the VTuber Rabbit Hole.

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Twilight Miasma is an Eldritch Horror, born from the Primordial Darkness. In his travels to the cosmos with his Cosmic Horror kin, he has discovered the blue planet known as Earth. While the rest of his kind decided to exist on Earth, he has opted to stay in the Abyss: a dimension that is separated from the planet by the Void. Using the Voidal energies also known as Dark Matters that lays between dimensions, he has become a VStreamer as he waits for his kind to awaken and bring forth the end of all humanity.

To prevent any suspicion from the humans, he wears a glamour for his viewers so they do not succumb to the madness his kind is known for.

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