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TheLovelyKitchenSink is a variety streamer, artist, and DBZ fanboy. He is a demon VTuber with two sets of eyes, large horns, and a fluffy tail. Don't call him cute. He is technically god of the Hell, formerly known as Earth. He owns a gay strip club called The Lovely Kitchen Sink. Oh, and his name is Baphomet. But you can call him Baphy, if you want to.

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Many centuries ago, he was cursed by his father for sharing knowledge that was forbidden to the humans. Many centuries later, he was resurrected by a young scientist who cloned a new body for him. Although, his soul was so cursed, it took the exact appearance of his former body. Fearing for their life, the young scientist made a pact with Baphomet and together, they shaped the world to Baphomet's liking, and the Seven Deadly Sins became The Seven Unholy Commandments.

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