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Slash/Slashette Shinobi

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Slash/Slashette is an EN focused Vtuber that streams a variety of games. They do there best to teach people about playing games in a competitive manner and tries to make people laugh with their charm and personality

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Slash was once a Squirtle from the Pokemon world and was the original leader of the Squirtle squad. He trained for many many year, honing his elemental powers of Water and Ice as well as learning the arts of Ninjutsu to heard his role as master of the arts. After being summoned by the Pokemon gods, they gave him a task to visit the Earth world in order to protect it and make people happy. They informed him that many dangers have been arising there, and so they transported him there. Slash was given a humanoid form, as well as a seperate female personality named Slashette which allowed them to cater to all types of people. And from there on, Slash and Slashette have been living on Earth for years, making very powerful allies and overall being happy for taking on the job.

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