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An english indie variety content creator male Catgirl Vtuber. They have existed online since the early 2000s under various similar alias. They have been lurking in the obscure shadows waaay back when was one of the main forms on entertainment online. They love Internet culture and its history, especially video, animation, anime & videogames.

As the real world and the internet has blurred closer and closer together their outlook on gaming, content creation, people and themselves has changed. A big epiphany for them was their experiences in vrchat. Currently their main video content outside of streams is turning their vrchat footage from 2018 into video logs leading up to present day.

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Originally an April fools joke, Saky is a creation of Skay. Eventually, due to public demand Skay just became "part of the problem". Fully catching the vtuber virus of 2020 among many others, they are still exploring the vtuber phenomenon even now.

Saky will probably never fully go away at this point. Despite their character lore being still a bit of an enigma, Skay has confirmed he sees the form more as a videogame avatar than a persona. However, they also acknowledge the possibility this avatar has multiple personalities...

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