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Sasaki Luna

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Sasaki Luna is a virtual streamer who streams in English and German. She's a friendly fox, who primarily focuses on Chill streams. She usually plays chill slow-paced games, but she's not afraid to try new games either. She started streaming on a whim as someone who loves anime and gaming back in 2011, after a lot of breaks is she currently streaming on a regularly schedule. She is currently reworking her model.

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Luna is the Princess of the Kingdom Phiri'aty it is a peaceful country full of different kind of humanoid species. Princess Luna was interested in magic since she was little and read all the books in the castle library. One day she found a hidden passage in the library and as curious as she was did she wander in and found the Forbidden book Grhyst'rha. While reading it did she consider trying out a Portal magic and here is it where it happened it wasn't a ordinary Portal like usually. She opened the Portal of Grhog'a and she got sucked into it and transported into a random dimension with weak magic.

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