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Samael (萨麦尔) was a male Chinese VTuber affiliated with VirtuaReal, NIJISANJI's Chinese Virtual Liver branch, as part of its seventh generation. He debuted on 27 July 2021. His birthday is 13 June. He is a Gemini. He is 187 cm tall when he wears heels, and 182 cm when he doesn't. On 27 July 2021, He, along with Shiki, have graduated with the reason being that they posted inappropriate content, which made a negative impact. His content still remains available.

Samael's bilibili page.

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His appearance clearly shows the devil's qualities that he is a master and wants to do whatever he wants without hiding. He is a senior devil who is also a good guy who dares to say what he thinks without hiding it. He is skillful in techniques such as verbal temptation. It can't help eating the human soul instinctively, no matter how high the demon, but he's not good at magic and covenant, so he talks to satisfy his desire for soul. Because I learned it. There are criticisms that the motive for starting the distribution may be the purpose of meeting a girl or the temptation of believers ... Anyway, he has his own weapon and he is good at it and in the best way. Will counter speculation.

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