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Ryuji Rane

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Ryuji is a male Vstreamer on Twitch who mainly makes content in English and sometimes tries to interact with other languages. He is a simple streamer who plays a variety of games and dabbles in making memes. He can be very nervous/calm, but also very loud and clumsy from time to time. Ryuji hopes to overcome his fears and make good friends!

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Ryuji Rane is a low ranking exorcist who takes on commissions from the " Exorcist Organization" to make a living. He has a high sense of justice and wishes to protect Humans and Yōkai alike. Although he appears to be human, he is half blood demon. And a powerful one at that.

He is trained very little in his powers, very clumsy, and sympathetic to yokai/demons which results in him failing many missions given to him by the EO. Because of this he is poor. He works part time, streams, and hunts evil for his survival. His closest companion is a doll that was given to him which was possessed by an entity, giving it life he named "Ryu Jr." (he is not very creative)

His origins are unknown, but together with Ryu Jr. and his friends he wishes to see the world at peace and rid of evil. Human, Yokai, or otherwise. He just has to make next month's rent...

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