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Rumi is an English VTuber that primarily streams FPS and RPG games. She loves to make a comfortable and safe environment, engaging with her chat, and have an overall good time. She also fully embraces the catgirl side of herself with channel redeems to further engage with the audience. While streaming she can be considered a wildcard. She'll help with anyone's questions in chat, and then moments later be giggling from a funny moment. On top of that, she's quite good with the games she has streamed.

Rumi wants to make her content feel as if she's hanging out with close friends and easily excels in that. Her streams feel like you're sitting on the couch beside them as you watch a close friend play. Her other content involves informative videos, and now short tiktok clips for games or funny moments. She is always looking to improve her content and make the viewing experience better, so suggestions are always appreciated!

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Rumi is a unique Cat Human Android Hybrid that was created and then released into the world to bring a new age of Humanity.

However, Due to extremely little training and programming that doesn't follow any usual protocol she has gone into the world to learn what it is she was supposed to end.

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