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Hailing from the Canadian maple north it's English speaking Vtuber, Romujo! Rom is a golden retriever type (with a dash of ADHD) husbando who enjoys shared experiences with friends! Rom will often introduce himself as, "your Pokéllector, Monster Hunter, variety streamer through and through, and a little bit of photography" who's best known for hosting hand cam streams with his card shop on "TCGTuesdays". He offers a selection of both English and Japanese Pokemon cards and cards from other games that viewers can buy (also known as card breaks). When not streaming card breaks, he streams shiny hunting in various Pokemon games, Monster Hunter, Nintendo games, or other variety multiplayer games with others. He looks forward to connecting with other streamers who also share an interest in the like, or photography, as he also partakes in all ranges of photography including weddings, and cosplay. Occasionally, he also enjoys karaoke and his signature song, "Mayonaka No Door (Stay With Me)" by Miki Matsubara.

Lore Edit

Romujo, collector of curiosities and your card dealer between dimensions!

With a warm, welcoming demeanor, herald as a ‘gold retriever’ by some (they say it's the ears), Rom welcomes you to the Crystalial Observatory. You are in the plane between planes, a place where you find yourself with the feeling of being stuck in the middle, or neither here nor there, or when a desire to look into so many directions strike, you are at home here. Rom too felt this, and decided to make this his humble abode. He opens it up to you now, dubbing all who take residency here a Crystal Seeker- offering the experience of a lifetime should you take the chance to manifest your fate.

When not running the card shop or maintaining the Observatory, Rom can be sought after dimension hopping and shape shifting through journeys in realms such as Monster Hunter, Gundam, and many other varieties through streaming! Diving into games themselves, he too is a Seeker, in hopes of meeting others worth forging relations that go beyond space and time.

Regardless of the realm they exist in, he looks forward to exploring together with you.

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