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RAIN PETER CHAN, also known as Rain Chan, is an Indian VTuber girl. She sings, makes her own songs, creates art, and shares funny videos. She is known for being cute and funny, bringing joy to her fans with her cheerful personality and creative content.

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Rain Peter Chan, a wolf girl princess from Podvox Kingdom on Neptune, lived a happy life. Her peaceful existence was shattered when a disease spread through her country, with the only cure being the rare Earth probstone. Her friend Gozaru ventured to Earth to find it but vanished without a trace. Determined to save her people and find Gozaru, Rain used a teleportation device to travel to Earth. Transformed into a human upon arrival, she discovered she could turn back into a wolf by touching water. To aid her quest, Rain became a VTuber, hoping to gather information and locate both the probstone and her lost friend.

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