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PlumpyBB (Plumpy Boba) is a Plus Sized Hispanic variety Vstreamer/Vtuber with a passion for art, games, cooking, and singing.

She is a tad bit shy, a lil quiet at times, fairly childish, kinda an air head, a tad bit lewd, and giggles most of the time...but she tends to shine the most when she plays with friends and family!

She is currently a bouncing bird but is in the process of debuting a new model in the spring of 2024 as well as looking into asmr book reading.

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Boba was born a small white parakeet whos wings were damaged by her fellow birds which led her to be thrown out into the wilderness by cruel breeders for being too small, imperfect, and quaint. She did her best to survive in a nearby forest with much difficulty as she could barely fly and on a gloomy rainy night she was found hiding in the grass by an elderly mute witch Opal who had took her in her in, fed her, and did her best to heal her. Although her wings never fully recovered Boba got to experience a happy home with Opal who she dearly loved and wished she could help the aging woman.

On a warm spring night Boba wished on a star wished upon a star to gain human form so that she could be able to return the favor to the witch and help her ailing friend. Unbeknownst to her the star heard her wish and as she slept her soul became imbued with the stars magic and with it came the ability to change from a rainbow parakeet to human form.

She spent 5 years with Opal tending to the witches small garden and home as well as learning how to make simple healing potions for clients who were in need. After Opals passing Boba was left with the land. With Opals original visions for the garden in mind Boba decided to purchase the surrounding land to expand the garden and build a quaint restaurant,as well as small lodging areas where those in need could get back on their feet.

Since then she has put most of her focus on helping others, waitressing, and managing the garden and is learning and trying new things alongside new friends and even her soulmate.

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