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Piffle is a female variety Vstreamer who makes content in English. They are often seen digitally painting, although they claim to be a big gamer (but their skills still needs to be proved).

Chitchatting is a big part of their streams, and Piffle does their best to read every message so nobody feels left out. They call their community "piffple", the contraction of their name and the word "people".

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There is not much known about Piffle, any questions about their past is often brushed away. They seem to hold very tightly to the nickname "Daddy", despite their childish behaviour.

They claim to be human, but their community keeps calling Piffle a vampire, maybe because of their love for ouji-fashion and their albino bat mascot named Pipu, or maybe because of Piffle's red eyes... or their hate for garlic, perhaps.

Piffle started their journey out of boredom, as they lived alone with their pet in a lost castle in France, so streaming became a way to find a new family.

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