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Pepper Niyaniya

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Pepper is a Vitrual Streamer who often plays a variety of games, more commonly platformers like Crash Bandicoot, Rhythm games like Mad Rat Dead and Games from the Touhou Project series. She also streams art once in a while to try and improve her skill with it, Drawing a Spamton a day for her Daily Spamton art twitter as a means to see her improvement. Pepper plans to take up doing VR streams in the near future as well.

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A Cheshire Cat who left Wonderland from boredom who became a Nekomata on arriving to the surface world. Time flows differently between Wonderland and the Surface World, it seems. After discovering her new ability to manipulate the dead, she delights in messing with those on the surface even more than before back in Wonderland. But you can't spend your time ALWAYS scaring and confusing people, can you? After a bit of trouble and more boredom, she finds herself wanting to return home. Back to Wonderland. That wouldn't be the case for her seeing how the rabbit hole she squirmed through has an apartment complex built on top of it now.

Without a means to return to Wonderland, She spends her time getting to know what the surface world is like and it's own wonders, both Alive and Dead. From new faces to Video games and art, she bides her time and has fun while still yearning for the day she can return home.

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