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Onmyoujin, also known as Jin, is a male demonoid who makes content in English. He sometimes refers to himself as a demon goat boy, and refers to his audience as the Demon Herd. He generally streams Final Fantasy XIV or a selection of simulation, sandbox, or puzzle games with chill music and chat. His commentary can be playfully suggestive at times and is definitely meant for mature audiences, but overall he is friendly and fairly wholesome. He has light gray hair, purple eyes, pointed ears, and goat horns. He also has a few ear piercings and paints his nails black.

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Jin coalesced from fragments of lost souls in the outskirts of the Summer and Winter Fae realms. He is primarily composed of Lust, Sloth, and Gluttony fragments.

He found his way to the mortal realm through a strange portal while out walking in his favorite sunny field. Rumor has it he was drawn in by the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Jin can be summoned with an offering fresh-baked cookies or good hentai.

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