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Nyota Inu

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Nyota Inu is a female English VTuber that streams on Twitch, and uploads content to YouTube and TikTok.

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Nyota (Serial No. 5h18A) is mix of multiple genetics, with Shiba Inu being the most prominent. She was created in a lab, 300 light years from Earth as part of a secretive experiment by an alien military organization. The experiment involved extracting DNA of select species from multiple planets and fusing their genetics to make loyal soldiers. Nyota's unit happened to contain DNA from canines of the planet Earth as the aliens found their loyalty to be a beneficial trait for military application.

In being an experimental soldier, Nyota has multiple abilities coded into her DNA that have been honed in with rigorous training. A natural fighter with strength at the forefront of design and engineered to have a heightened sense of both smell and hearing, these can sometimes be detrimental in tense situations. Her weapon of choice is a ray gun developed by the same alien military organization that constructed Nyota.

As is the case with the rest of her squadron, her prime directive was to travel to Earth and hold their civilizations hostage, so that her squadrons' alien overlords could "finish the job" as it were, and create a successful outpost built upon human enslavement.

Upon being sent out with her squadron to Earth in multiple ships, the squadron encountered an organic anomaly. A camouflaged creature of no planetary origin began attacking her entire unit. Her training buddies, her closest friends, were all gone in a matter of minutes. Their ships have yet to be located, seemingly vanishing out of thin space. Not knowing the status of their lives, she made the executive decision to continue carrying out the mission. Her ship was heavily damaged, but still contained the amount of power needed to warp to her intended destination. The warp was successful and she ended up in the solar system familiar to you and I; home to planet Earth.

Nyota persevered for her friends, compelled to complete the mission intended for her from inception. Upon approaching Earth she decided to embark on a reconnaissance mission to travel the world and educate herself about human civilization from Australia to Azerbaijan, Peru to Poland, and everything in between.

Nyota was to complete this reconnaissance mission over the course of 20 years. In the process of which, she learned how the various governments and military organizations operated around the globe. She immersed herself in the many cultures of Earth from their cuisine to their arts, to their primitive technology, hoping to use this knowledge to manipulate humanity for her mission purposes.

During this long period of time, multiple attempts were made by Nyota to contact home to update them on the mission status, however responses from mission control mysteriously ceased after the 5th year, leaving a clueless Nyota stranded alone in her mission. This put no damper in Nyota's enthusiasm to complete her sworn objectives, remaining a loyal minion to her alien overlords at first.

Over the past 10 years however, this enthusiasm has been curbed due to radio silence from home, causing Nyota to start giving up on the mission. She slowly started to fall in love with everything Earth had to offer, and started regularly enjoying the Terran past times of video games, painting, and drinking. She would also occasionally travel to neighboring solar systems, exploring foreign planets of varying landscapes and climates. She would always return to Earth, however, as she had begun to consider this once strange planet her new home

Now, with this newfound enamor for Earth, her prime directive has changed from enslaving Earth to protecting it.

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