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Nuri Elara Moon

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Nuri is a Moon Goddess Vtuber, who streams on twitch. She focuses on art, karaoke and gaming streams, while trying to vibe with her chat and having just a lovely time together.

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Nuri ist the Goddess of Jupiter Moon VII and it's current guardian. As the threat of the "eldritch terrors" slowly emerges and destroys the Nuriverse, she finds herself being called for help from her childhood friend, Hecate. As Nuri makes her way through Hecates portal, an eldritch terror interferes and Nuri falls into the Portal-Void. As she comes by, she finds herself on earth in this universe and is now trying to stream to reach as many people as possible and to find a way back home... (full lore and character references can be found here:


  • Nuri has a phobia against ANY insects of earth! She either screams and runs for her life or petrifies.
  • Her most beloved place back home is her Garden, where her Moonberries grow. A delicious and power boosting fruit, that tastes like strawberries, but looks like a cresent moon.
  • A few weeks after she arrived on earth, she already found some lovely friends, who helped her find a place to live. Nearby that place she also found Gemma, the sapphire cat, who she adopted and which who she can communicate telepathically.
  • Her powers include: Chaos Magic: the ability to generate/tap into, control, and manipulate various forms of energy/chaos magic (f.e. solid Energy Constructs/Simulated | Telekinesis: The ability to solidify energy into force fields and other shapes) (she'll get a boost, if there is another energy source nearby. Magic will be stronger, because Nuri gets fueled by that energy.) and Divination | the ability to ask future related questions to the tarot cards. Note: But the future's not set in stone, as the future changes with the decisions of the people constantly. Cards give advice and also function as a guide, to make decisions that will have the most and best impact, considering all choices that could affect the future. accuracy boost, when Nuri knows the person, she does a tarot spread for. If she does it for herself, it’s the most accurate. decrease in accuracy if there is a new moon.
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