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Nia Suzune

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Suzune Nia is a female English Virtual YouTuber and a member of the English Virtual YouTuber agency PRISM Project. She joined PRISM as part of the 3rd Generation, along with Miyoshino Shiki, Pengin Pina and Rikudou Yura.

Nia typically does gaming, chatting, karaokes, and more different types of streams. She's cheeky but dorky, energetic, and loves her fanbase in a playful way, being teased often and often teasing them back.

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Just like the rest of the PRISM Project members, Suzune Nia is a special agent from the year 2120, which has been sent back to the past to prevent the threat of humans losing interest and passion for others. She is also one of the two representatives of the "East" half of PRISM Project 3rd Generation, the other being Miyoshino Shiki.

Nia herself is an ex-shrine maiden from the future. She left her maid duties after being dissatisfied with the boring job and getting a catnip addiction. Now she leads the catnip cartel to spread the sale of catnip all over the world!

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